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A Herbal Lyme
Kit Based on the
Stephen Buhner

The Herbal Lyme Kit

Lyme Disease, often called The Hidden Pandemic as well as The Great Imitator, is an informal name for a number of infections from bacteria transmitted through tick bites.  For many, conventional western medicine hasn’t met their needs and herbs have played a significant role in their recovery.

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to find either the right herbs or a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about Lyme disease. If that is your situation, then consider a custom herbal Lyme kit that can be shipped to your door.

Customized Kit by a certified Master Herbalist

The Protocol

The protocols we use are based on the decades of research by the world renowned Lyme experts Stephen Buhner and those of Dr. Earendil Spendilius. It can be taken as a stand alone protocol, or along with antibiotics. It will take approximately 8 months to a year to complete.


Good quality herbs tend to be expensive, especially in the tinctured form. That is why the kit was designed to be cost effective by using bulk powdered herbs. They may be substituted for tinctures however if so desired. The kit may include powders, supplements, tinctures, and herbal teas.



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